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This is a personal review and referral website, created by me (Mitchell) so you can see how you could get the FREE Solar Panel System installed on your home like I did.

If you are like me and get a good deal, I like to tell others so they can enjoy the benefits, too.

Yes, it sounds too good to be true, but it is true and the photos I added show you that it for real and it happened just a few short months ago in Houston.  I had my system installed in one day in May 2020.

If you seriously interested, just let me know and I will send your contact information directly to "Andy" (Solar Energy Advisor for Infinity Energy) who guided me through the process and was available to answer any questions I had.  His company installs nation-wide but he will check to see if you meet the qualifications and if they have company installers in your immediate area.

When I first signed up, I told a friend who immediately asked me if the company was legitimate.  They were concerned and they heard about a lot of scams out there and because they never heard of the company. 


I told my friend that during the set up process, I was required to apply to the utility company (CenterPoint in my case) to be able to connect my system to their electric utility grid. 

The utility system is a very regulated industry and does not allow fly-by-night outfits to connect to their electric grid network, so I was convinced they were legitimate.

Click Here for Electricity Providers offering Net Metering Solar BuyBack Programs.

But ... the proof is seeing the photos of what took place on my home when I qualfied for the installation.

- Mitchell

 Here are the Simple Qualifications: 

  1. Desire to participate in the Solar panel system (With no out of pocket expenses!)

  2. Be the Homeowner of Record, Not a Renter.

  3. Credit Score at least 650 or above

  4. Have a sound roof and electrical box (The company will survey the condition during an initial check).

  5. Property must be located where Net Metering is permitted.  Net Metering is defined as where residential or commercial properties are permitted to generate electricity from solar power and can sell the excess electricity back into the grid for credit to your electricity provider.  Many states have passed Net Metering Laws.  Please note that not all Electricity Providers have a solar power buyback program, so be sure to check with your provider.  We had to switch to a different electricity provider because the one we had did not participate in the BuyBack program.  If yours does not, here is my link to get you connected to Green Mountain Energy "Renewable Rewards Program" and as a new customer, you will get a $25 Thank You bonus directly from Green Mountain Energy.  

  6. You will receive two bills each month, one from Sunnova and one from your utility provider that will reflect the net metering credits.

    The net metering reflected on your light bill is what the system has sent back to the grid after the home's consumption. Your electricity provider can not track what your system is producing, and they can only manage what they received.   
    As solar energy is instant, the home uses what is needed first then sends the rest to be applied as credit under net metering.

 Once Qualified: 

  • Zero Upfront Cost

  • One "Solar" Day installation

  • Protection against rising electricity costs

  • Increase Home Value without increasing your property taxes because the system is 'leased' and still owned by the Company

  • Save thousands in future electricity costs

  • Solar system warranted for 25 years

  • After 25 years, You OWN the System.

  • Online account to track power produced and used.

  • FREE Nest Thermostat installed by A&M Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating

New Nest Thermostat tny.jpg
Daily Production tny.jpg

 Track Your Daily Production 

Month Production tny.jpg

 Track Your Monthly Production 

Year Production tny.jpg

 Track Your Annual Production 

Once your installation is scheduled, to get credit for any solar power produced, you must signup for a provider that offers solar buyback credits.  

There are a number of electricity providers in Texas that offer buyback programs.

Mitchell, I am "Go for Solar!"
Refer my contact information to Andy, the Solar Energy Advisor, for a No-Obligation consultation.  
Andy will contact you and guide you step-by-step through the entire process.
You get a FREE Solar Panel System!

Thanks for submitting!

Solar 28.jpg

The company installers from Infinty Energy showed up early in the morning for the one day installation.

Solar 25.jpg

Installers mapped out the panel locations based on optimum computer designed placement on my specific roof profile with the most constant Southern Exposure throughout the day.

Solar 21.jpg

Leak proof panel mounts were installed on the roof.

Solar 18.jpg
Solar 23.jpg

Solar Panels and connections were unloaded from their truck.

Solar 12.jpg

Panels were installed at various locations on the roof based on computer designed placement for your exact location.

Solar 6.jpg
Solar 5.jpg
Solar 10.jpg
Solar 30.jpg

A Certified Electrician worked below to connect the solar panels to the existing electrical box to feed power back into the grid.

Solar 2.jpg

New control and connections added to the existing electrical box. 


The job was completed in just one day!

 Be sure to submit your 

 Contact Information 

 to start the process! 

Mitchell, I am "Go for Solar!"
Refer my contact information to Andy, the Solar Energy Advisor, for a No-Obligation consultation.  
Andy will contact you and guide you step-by-step through the entire process.
You get a FREE Solar Panel System!

Thanks for submitting!

This is Mitchell's referral page to get your FREE Solar Panel System for your roof.